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66-1 (Old) 1979 FMC/Ford. 1000 gpm pump and 750 gal. tank. It has operated as a semi-rescue truck/hydrant truck. It also was used for stand-by work. It is currently up for sale.
66-1 2000 Pierce. 1500 gpm pump and 750 tank. It is our first truck due out on all building and house fires.
66-3 1977 Pierce/Ford. 1250 gpm pump and 750 gal tank. It operates as our hydrant truck, or 3rd truck out. It operates on all miscellaneous fires such as cars, trash and dumpsters.
Rescue 66 1993 Saulisbury. 1250 gpm pump and 750 tank. It has an array of vehicle rescue tools and light trench rescue tools. It is the second truck out on building and house fires and first on accidents. The pump was recently refurbished and recertified after a lengthy time out of service.
66-8 1986 Braun. It is first out on medical assists in the township. It is last truck out on building fires. It is also used for traffic control when necessary. It is a converted ambulance bought from Aston-Beechwood Fire Co. It is used as our manpower vehicle. 

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